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Ottu understands the unique needs of businesses in Kuwait and the MENA region, offering tailored solutions to simplify bulk payments. With Ottu, you can create flexible and scalable subscription plans, ensuring seamless transactions and enhanced revenue management.

Applications of Bulk Payments

Subscription-Based Services

Ottu empowers businesses through innovation and direct bank integration, ensuring uninterrupted access and driving robust revenue growth.

Membership Dues

Ottu facilitates the hassle-free collection of membership dues for gyms, clubs, and professional organizations, fostering loyalty and retention among members.

Utility Bill Payments

Ottu's bulk payment solution enables merchants to collect monthly bills from customers, ensuring timely payments and uninterrupted services.

Benefits of Bulk Payments

Bulk payments within Ottu's offering unlock multiple benefits for businesses and customers alike.

Stabilized Cash Flow

Ottus Bulk payments provide predictable revenue streams, allowing merchants to better forecast future income and make informed financial decisions.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Convenient and automated payments enables merchants to provide a smoother customer experiences, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Automating payments eliminates manual invoicing and collections, freeing up valuable time and resources

Increased Efficiency

By minimizing collection efforts, bulk payments allow various teams within the company to focus on core competencies and growth strategies.

Improved Productivity

Bulk payments serves as a reliable benchmark, enabling teams to track progress and enable improvement.

Offer MENA's Leading Payment Methods

Start instantly collecting bulk and subscription payments with Ottu's support for MENA's leading payment methods. From KNet and other local payment gateways to international options like Apple Pay and PayPal, Ottu ensures that customers can pay securely and conveniently using their preferred methods.

Local banks and payment Options

International payment options


Local banks and payment Options

Local banks

International payment options

International payment

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