Streamline Transactions

Offer a swift, secure, and mobile-friendly payment option for your customers.

The Power of QR Code Payments with Ottu

Fast and convenient

Customers simply scan a QR code and pay instantly.


No need for cash say goodbye to checkout queues.


Encrypted transactions offer peace of mind for both you and your customers.


Ideal for facilitating touch free payment transactions.


Gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

Unveiling the Magic

Ottu's QR code payment solution, designed to streamline your operations and elevate your customer experience.

Unlock a World of Benefits

  • Boost Sales
  • Offer a convenient payment option that encourages impulse purchases and increases conversion rates.

  • +2.5%

    Guarantied Increases in sales

  • Reduce Costs
  • Eliminate cash handling expenses and associated security risks.

  • 15%

    Cost reduced

  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Streamline your checkout process and minimize wait times.

  • +75%

    More efficient

  • Unforgettable Experiences
  • Offer a tech-savvy and user-friendly payment journey that sets you apart.

  • 9.8K

    Users liked Ottu

  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Gain valuable customer behavior analytics to inform targeted marketing strategies.

  • 9.8K

    Users liked Ottu

Join the QR Code Revolution

Across diverse industries, businesses are harnessing the power of Ottu's QR code solution.


Offer table-side ordering and contactless payments for a safer, more enjoyable dining experience.


Reduce checkout lines and provide a smoother shopping experience.

Service Providers

Accept payments on-the-go, ideal for deliveries or mobile services.


Embed QR codes in service manuals.


Quick and convenient payment access for invoices.


Settle full payments electronically.

Travel & Tourism

Purchase tickets with a single scan and settle your dues.


Settle invoices for tuition or other school fees electronically.

Ready to Transform your Business?

Simplify your subscription payments and billing processes with Ottu.