A Smarter set up

Like we said, Ottu is the next generation payments technology. So we have developed a suite of services that can be used on one platform, taking your business to the next level. The tools empower you to focus on growth, optimization and scaling your business, while collecting insights on your customers.

Customize payments

Create unique customized payments links for customers that can be shared using a variety of channels and can be monitored in real time. You even have the option to send out bulk payment links to a database of customers that are trackable and recurring.

your business

For those that do not have an existing website, this acts as a micro website for your business that allows you to send out targeted campaigns and promotions to customers from the dashboard.

Branded invoices

This is pretty clear, but incase it wasn’t, you have the option to create customized, branded invoices that will be sent to your customers.

Never miss
a payment

Forgetful customers? No problem! You can actually bill customers on a recurring basis and create schedules for individual clients, all of which can be monitored in real time.