Ottu’s Real Estate

Ottu’s Real Estate Helps Property Owners In Managing Their Properties , Seamlessly Collecting Rent On Time And Having A Comprehensive Over View Of The Collection.

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Ottu has made managing real estate more efficient


Send Quick Payment Links For Rent Collection


View Properties, Units, Leases, Invoices, Pending Payment Through Single Dashboard


Send Reminder For Pending Invoices


Live Reporting

Why Choose Ottu ?

01 Direct Integration

Unify and Oversee your rent collection while collecting your payments directly to the bank account with no commission added from Ottu along with live reports.

02 Reconciliation

Ottu dashboard consolidates payments from multiple payment gateways from different banks.

03 White Label

Send branded invoices to your tenants.

04 Property Management

Monitor the status of your properties through a unified dashboard. Manage properties that are vacant, or occupied.

05 Tenant Management

Record tenant details.

06 Rent Management or Invoicing

Issue Invoices and monitor real time reports of payments and due amounts.

07 Contract Management

Monitor new contract, renewals, suspension, and modification of each contract.

08 Reminders

Send reminders to tenants to pay pending invoices online.